Bodhananda Kendram, the Ashram and office of Bodhananda Seva Society,in Thiruvananthapuram is located on the banks of river Karamana, at a point where the river bends north to east, which is considered to be a rare auspicious symbol.

Objectives of Bodhananda Seva Society:
develop an institution for Sanyasis
**establish educational institutions
**establish temples and centres for prayer and meditation
**organise Vedanta discourses, spiritual classes, talks, seminars etc.
**establish health care centres

Major Events in the past and Ongoing Programs:
**regular Vedanta classes for children (Balabodhini); for the youth (Yuvabodhini); for the elderly (Vijnanabodhini); for women (Mathrubodhini)
**organised the Siva Sakti Archana in 1994 with over thousand five hundred participants taking part in a congregational ceremony of worshipping the divine Mother ( a detailed description of this unique event will be coming soon in this page). The event was designed accordingly and based on a divine vision of Pujya Swamiji.
** public awareness program for environmental protection entitled 'Dakshina Ganga Puja' which included boat journeys, offering worship to Mother Dakshina Ganga (the Kalady river on the banks of which the Ashram is located) and planting trees.
**installation of the idol of MahaGanesa (pratishta) and offering from thousand holy pots(Sahasra Kalasa Abhisekha) in December 2000 ( a detailed report on this important event which was based on elaborate tantric rituals is forth-coming)
*discourses on Bhagavata and Narayaneeya ('Bhagavata and Narayaneeya Saptaha' )
*puja(worship) and archana(offering) to MahaGanesa, the deity of the Ashram
**seminars and classes for jail inmates
**publication of books and cassettes
**publication of newsletters

Office Bearers of Bodhananda Seva Society
Pujya Swamiji is the inspiration for all the activities of BSS. With His spiritual guidance the office is run by the following office bearers:

Ma Ananda Chinmayi
Secretary: Prof. M.N.Sreedharan Nair
Treasurer: Sri P.N. Subramanian

Write to us in this address:
Ma Ananda Chinmayi
Bodhananda Kendram
Kalady, Karamana P.O
Kerala, India 695 002

Tel: 00 91 471 344084/ 433084
FAX: 00 91 471 360051
Bodhananda Seva Society is tax exempted under 80G of Income tax act.