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vanaprastha ashram
This is one Home where you can wake up to the chants of the
mantras and bells from the nearby Sakti and Vishnu temples.

Our ancient culture calls for four phases or Ashrama on
one's life:Brahmacharya, Garhasthya, Vanaprastha and Sanyasa.

Vrindavan--the Home for the aged--is inspired by this
concept of Vanaprastha Ashrama. Vrindavan offers a
spiritual haven for us , away from the strife
and toil of daily life and routines.

The modern society on one side has achieved progress in many realms. But on the other side it is encountering a few crises too.

An obsession with material gains, mental turmoil, broken families and intellectual corruption
are some of these crises, all of which have resulted in a strange sense of insecurity, with the aged being the worst affected.

Vrindavan Vanaprastha Ashram Project is a step to counter this
insecurity, to offer a unique opportunity for those who are above
fifty to live independent lives,to bring out their latent talents
and above all to lead a life of spiritual solace and security.

The first phase of the project is to build an Ashram with self-contained
spacious rooms having modern amenities. The inmates will be provided
with Satvic food, medical facilities, library and recreation programs
etc. The daily routine would include meditation, bhajans, Vedanta
classes, Yoga and Seva works. There will also be visits arranged
to nearby temples, woods and beaches.

The expenses towards the construction of common facilities such
as meditation room, office room, kitchen, dining hall, guest rooms
etc. are planned to be met by the contributions from the public.

Please contact the following address for more details
about Vrindavan Vanaprastha Ashram:
The Convenor
Vrindavan Vanaprastha Ashram Project
Bodhananda Seva Society
Kalady, Karamana P.O
Tiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India 695 002
Tel: 00 91 471 433084 / 344084
Email <>

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