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Bodhananda Research Foundation for Management & Leadership Studies (BRFML) has instituted a biennial national award for bright and young researchers in the field of Management Studies based on classical Indian texts and historical & contemporary experiences. BRFML Yuvabodhini National Talent Award – 2017 will be awarded to the best essay selected from the submissions through a competitive process. The Best Essay award winner will be invited to a national Seminar to be organised in January/February 2018 in Trivandrum (Kerala), and the award presented in the public function. The Award will carry a cash award of Rs. 25,000/- and a citation. The Awardee will also be invited to make a presentation at the Seminar, and will be included as a member of the Research Group of BRFML on Indian Management studies. The Authors of three best essays (second, third and fourth place) will be invited to participate and present their papers at the Seminar. All prize winners will receive mentorship and guidance towards publication of essays in peer- reviewed journals and leading magazines. All submissions duly submitted as per the guidelines will be acknowledged and given a participation certificate. Read more and Download Flyer


    from Pujya Swami Bodhananda Sarasvati
    - 5 September 2016
    "The Hindus world over celebrate Vinayaka Chaturthi on the 5th of September, the fourth day of the waxing moon, in the month of Bhadrapada. The celebrations continue for ten days till the 14th day of the bright moon. Devotees make clay images of Ganesha, do prana pratishta, and worship the Lord of Obstacles offering modakam, durva and red hibiscus flowers. On the fourteenth day the idol is immersed in nearby river, lake or ocean. Thus what is invoked from the universal consciousness is reversed back to the same source. Replaying the cosmic cycle of creation, celebration and dissolution. All rituals are a recreation of this eternal cycle of becoming and unbecoming; birth and death, day and night. Knowing this cyclical nature of existence is freedom, going through this roller coaster ride without losing self is spirituality..." READ MORE ...

    from Pujya Swami Bodhananda Sarasvati
    - 19 July 2016.
    "A cultured person is a lifelong learner. We learn from nature, from tradition and texts and from our own inner experiences. The brain continuously processes these informational inputs to situate the person in one’s environs and thus maximizing individual’s survival and flourish. Such a learning process needs facilitators, coaches, teachers, guides and leaders and under their loving and caring stewardship, and through the dynamics of bidirectional conversation (samvada) the person unfolds latent potentialities. The community life and culture are the sum total of the thoughts, interactions and works of such self-actualizing individuals..." READ MORE ...

    A heart touching event was organised by Sambodh Centre, Bangalore, at the Bhuvaneshwari Nagar Govt School on 6 August 2016 ... Kids come from very poor families, but their smile and cheer surpass all difficulties... We could also greet the proud parents who watched with happiness the laurels that have come to their kids. This time we also insisted that atleast one parent should have a bank account started in their name, and the scholarship will be deposited in that account ... A small step in making them aware the need of saving money ... WATCH PICTURES FROM THIS EVENT

    Sri Shivanand Kanavi was the Chief Guest, in the 2015 event (July 25). In his coversation with the kids he asked "what is your dream" ... and their answers gave inspiration to each one of us ... ... If these kids who may not have much to eat a day, no new dresses, not the luxury of studying under an electric bulb, but perhaps taking care of a home and siblings ... if these kids could smile, dream, and say with extreme confidence ... that they want to become a teacher, a doctor, a police person, a military officer, a "chief minister" ... etc. ... then what more do we need to know that their hopes are in place ... ...WATCH ALBUM

  • Sambodh Foundation,
    New Delhi

  • Sambodh Foundation, India is a not-for-profit charity and spiritual organisation, that works for social, and spiritual uplift, inspired by the vision and teachings of its preceptor, Swami Bodhananda. Read More

  • Bodhananda Seva Society, Tiruvananthapuram

    Bodhananda Seva Society the oldest Ashram of Sambodh in India, in the capital city of Kerala, celebrated its Silver Jubilee celebration from July 2015 to July 2016. The Society was founded in 1990.

  • About Bodhananda Seva Society, Trivandrum

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  • Sambodh, Bangalore

    Sambodh Centre for Human Values, and Sambodh Centre for Living Values are the two Sambodh Centres in Bangalore dedicated to charity, spiritual and ecological activities.

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    Bodhananda International Foundation for Inter-Religious Dialogue, Cochin

    Bodhananda International Foundation for Interreligious dialogue (BIFIRD), Ernakulam, is a think tank and Forum for votaries of different belief systems, perspectives and world views to meet and engage in constructive conversation.

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