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  • Kailash Yatra - 2010

    The yak is a symbol of sturdiness, steadiness and nimble footedness. A small scale mammoth or a large hairy bull, a shaded huge black boulder or an oversized leafy bush—your imagination runs riot seeing a yak. READ MORE

  • Modi, The Prime Minister

    Thoughts from Swami Bodhananda on the day of the swearing-in of the new Indian Prime Minister on 26 May, 2014.READ MORE

  • Black Family in the White House

    Americans are voting to elect the first Afro-American president. The polls predict a landslide for democratic candidate Barack Obama. History has come to full circle. READ MORE

  • The Tiger is Thirty Years behind the Dragon

    India is touted as a knowledge power and China as the muscle power of the world. But objectively, I think that this comparison is crude and unrealistic. READ MORE

  • Maha Kumbha Mela - 2001

    My piligrimage to the Maha Kumbha at Prayag was a soul-stirring experience. The Sangam at which the mighty Ganga and Yamuna joins is the epicenter of this great religious concourse. READ MORE

  • On a Cross-country Drive - 2004

    ... I reached yesterday 4PM at Grand Rapids from New York via Chicago, drove down to Kalamazoo to deliver a talk at the Osthemo Library. ... The cross country drive was fascinating. READ MORE

  • The China Diary - 2007

    The Dragon wants a make over to the Panda image on the eve of the Olympics in Beijing, 2008. Dragon is a fiery, fork-tongued, scale covered, bulge- eyed, crocodile like, and huge reptile. READ MORE

  • Visit to an Amish Community - 2002

    ... I came back from the Amish Territory an hour back. Essentially, we visited a patriarch, 67 years old, potbellied carpenter -preacher and father of eleven-- sons (8) and daughters (3) and sixty seven grandchildren. READ MORE

  • Dialogue with EMS Namboodiripad

    The transcript of the  dialogue that took place between Swami Bodhananda and EMS Namoothiripad (the Chief Minister of the first Communist Government), on 2nd February, 1996 at 3.30pm. This meeting was organized by BRF-ML READ MORE


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